Goatse Girl

What is Goatse Girl?

The Goatse Girl video contains footage of an adult actress deliberately expelling white fluid from her anus. She appears to be achieving this feat through applying muscular pressure to her rectum and ends up causing an anal prolapse.

The term ‘Goatse’ refers to the internet shock site of that name that depicts a man stretching his rectum (Goatse). Goatse Girl is considered to contain the female equivalent of the goatse man and can be seen as significant progress for women’s acceptance as the subjects of internet shock sites. The identity of Goatse Girl is unknown, but it is believed to have originated from an adult film produced in the United States during the 1990’s.

What is wrong with Goatse Girl's ass?

I am no doctor but it seems she is having a severe anal prolapse. This is a medical condition in which some of the muscles around the wall of the rectum fall down from their normal location. This can happen by accident or can be forced while starring in a D grade 1990s porn video. You should not try to emulate Goatse Girl's achievements at home.

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